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National Webinar Series| Individual 401(k) Plan and Real Estate Investing Basics


Individual 401(k) Plan and Real Estate Investing Basics:
What Every Business Owner Should Know

Tuesday, October 14
10 a.m. PST

There is much to consider when thinking about opening an Individual 401(k) account. Join 20-year retirement and financial services industry veteran, JP Ruiz (QKA, CISP), for an educational overview of this self-directed retirement plan.

National Webinar Series | Hot Topic: Private Placements Within an IRA


Hot Topic: Private Placements Within an IRA

"Private Placements" is becoming an increasingly popular term. It refers to investing in privately-held entities, such as companies or small businesses. With the tightening of lending practices to small businesses and startup firms, many companies are turning to private investors for capital. With a self-directed IRA from The Entrust Group, your retirement account has the ability to invest in Private Placements.

Money Smart for Older Adults


Money Smart for Older Adults is designed to provide you with information and tips to help prevent common frauds, scams and other types of elder financial exploitation in your community.


Recharacterizations Give IRA Owners Option to Move Money Between Accounts

By:  John Paul Ruiz , Director of Professional Development

An introduction to recharacterizations and how they help Entrust clients.

September 1, 2014

National Webinar Series | How Today's IRA Investors are Taking Advantage of the Reemerging Real Esta


Purchasing real estate has always been a popular choice among self-directed IRA owners, regardless of the market. If you are considering or currently investing in real estate through your retirement account, get an insider look at the various strategies being used by current Entrust Real Estate IRA owners by watching   this previously recorded webinar.

State of California Bureau of Real Estate- Trust Funds


Legal requirements for receiving and handling trust funds in real estate transactions as set forth in the Real Estate Law and the Regulations of the Real Estate Commissioner.

National Webinar Series | Going for the Gold: Precious Metals Investing Through an IRA


Going for the Gold: Precious Metals Investing Through an IRA

Many investors are unaware that they can diversify their 401(k) or IRA with precious metals. In recent years, there has been an increase in investors establishing their retirement plans to include gold, silver, platinum and proof coins. Discover if investing in precious metals with your IRA is the right fit for your retirement and investing goals in this National Webinar.

Q & A With Entrust’s Client Services

By:  The Entrust Group

The Entrust Group’s “Client Services” department is a frequent point of contact for many of our current and future clients. We sat down for a Q & A session with one of our representatives in order to pool your most frequently asked questions, and then provide the answers.

June 30, 2014

National Webinar Series |Real Estate Investing Strategies: Partnering Your IRA


Listen to this National Webinar to discover how you can partner your self-directed IRA funds to purchase real estate investments.

Real Estate IRA Trends and Strategies


Real estate investing with a self-directed IRA (commonly referred to as the Real Estate IRA) can be the key to saving up for a comfortable retirement.  Discover how and why real estate investors are utilizing the Real Estate IRA to diversify their investment portfolios during this online webinar.

Real Estate Investing Strategies: The Self-Directed IRA LLC


Are you considering adding real estate to your investment portfolio or looking for a creative real estate investing strategy? View our National Webinar and discover if a Self-Directed IRA LLC is right for you. 

A Self-Directed IRA LLC, also referred to as a "Checkbook IRA", is an increasingly popular choice among those using their self-directed IRA to invest in real estate. During this presentation, we'll explore how and why investors are establishing LLCs to help them manage their real estate investments, as well as lower the costs associated with investing through a self-directed IRA. 

Self-Directed IRA Question & Answer Forum


Most people have a great deal of questions about self-directed IRAs: what is a self-directed IRA, how do they work, what assets can I hold within a self-directed IRA, etc. Join Patrick Hagen, Regional Business Development Manager with The Entrust Group, for this unique, online Q&A presentation. Designed to help you understand and explore your options with a self-directed IRA, this webinar is completely run by YOUR questions.

Saving Time and Money on Real Estate IRA Investments


The Entrust Group is helping to make real estate investing with an IRA even easier! Join us for an exclusive webinar discussing the benefits of holding real estate in an IRA, including reducing the time and money you spend on real estate transactions and maintenance.

IRAs and Tax Season: What You Need to Know


Join John Paul Ruiz, Director of Professional Development at The Entrust Group, for this exclusive webinar focused on helping self-directed IRA owners prepare for tax season. He’ll discuss IRA contribution basics, including limits and deadlines. If you do not have an IRA, learn how you can maximize your tax benefits by opening and contributing to an IRA before April 15th.


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